Printed forms, personalized direct mail, labels, envelopes or promotional game pieces provided in formats that meet your business objectives.

Self mailers are formats that do not require an envelope and are usually constructed from a single stream of paper. Consider a self mailer when the message is simple, copy length is concise, when a tear off reply device will do and when you want to display the graphics and headline copy before the consumer even opens your mail.

Window Envelopes are the most common of all direct mail formats since they rank high on many criteria, including cost control, security, responsiveness, copy area and versatility.

Full color with optional scratch-off, peel-n-reveal, repositionable stickers, variable imaging, etc.

Collated Packages are any format constructed of several webs of paper laid on top of one another, glued at one or more edges and cut to singles. The plies can be of different paper types; they can be personalized or generic and can have different fold and cut-off sizes. In this format, each ply (web) is printed and imaged individually and only brought together in the final construction process on the collator.

Whether your forms application is simple “print and ship”, or a more complex combination of applied labels, imaged copy/barcodes and folded security formats, PPM can provide the knowledge and experience required. We offer particular expertise in government and taxation documents requiring encrypted data and security formats.

Whether high color with varnish (10 color, 2-side optional) or low color, PPM can provide high volume roll-to-roll envelope stock. See equipment specs.

Brochures, flyers and press folded booklets are an essential part of many direct mail programs. PPM offers 1-color to 12-color heatset and UV production at competitive prices. We accomplish this through 38” web widths, computerized memory ink and registration, pattern gluers, perforators and 16 page combination folders.

  • Tipped, glued on samples
  • CD Mailers – Tipped on or custom mailers
  • Lift notes – Personalized or generic
  • Custom die cuts
  • Affixed magnets
  • MICR check production
  • Handwork
  • Tipped on cards
    • 30 mil plastic personalized or generic
    • 10 mil Kimdura
    • 8 mil paper

Blank roll to finished 4-color product in one pass using our info print 5000 systems. Transactional mailings requiring variable sheet counts, sorted to the ounce and 100% names are most efficiently produced on these systems.

Xerox 800 produces litho screen quality with full variability.

  • Floor / wall – indoor / outdoor – all substraits
  • Point of purchase
  • Banners
  • Ultra-large 116” width digital presses
  • Kitting / distribution